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NWI Yoga Therapy, LLC specializes in stress management, reducing anxiety and transforming trauma.

Welcome, and thanks for visiting!  I am a Yoga Therapist and Massage Therapist  working in private practice to provide individualized Therapeutic Yoga Instruction, Reiki and a variety of Massage Therapy modalities in Valparaiso, IN. Whether you are overwhelmed from the stresses of every day living, are feeling exhausted or in pain, or are experiencing compromised health due to stress and anxiety, I can offer a variety of natural ways to transform your stress and guide you toward improved health and deep relaxation. 

During the initial session, we’ll go over intake forms, discuss aspects of your health issue or concern and discuss your goals and how I can be of support.  Together, we will co-create a personalized therapy plan that addresses specific symptoms that are troubling you and identify methods to help you manage those symptoms that may include: mindful movement, breath work, guided relaxation and visualization, mantra, sound therapy, massage therapy, cupping or aromatherapy.   Sessions are tailored to your body, physical ability, energy level and mood.  Whether we integrate one or all of these modalities into your program, I will work with you to help you reach your goals.



"After working with Katie for months I have felt a relief in my pain for the first time in 12 years. My issues started at a young age of 16 when I had my first back surgery. My second was at age 21. Eight years later I still deal with multiple herniated discs, myofascial pain and fibromyalgia. This causes pain in my upper and lower back that radiates down my arms and legs. My back and leg muscles are tight which cause more issues. 

Katie has worked with me on a specific plan to help with my underlying issues. I have done so much physical therapy over the last 12 years and myofascial release therapy that I wasn't getting my hopes high but for the first time I have felt hope that my pain can get better. 

Katie has given me hope that maybe one day my body can handle having children. At the age of 23 I was put on disability, and for the first time since then, I am beginning to feel like I could try working full time again. 

Katie listens to what you have to say and puts the pieces together to help you as much as possible. It has taken months of work to begin feeling my pain go down and I have a long journey ahead of me but with Katie's help it has become possible!" - Amanda L


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