Katie Hawks Yoga and Wellness specializes in chronic stress and pain management, post traumatic stress disorder, anxiety, and other medically related stress conditions.

Welcome, and thanks for visiting my site!  I am a Wellness Coach and Body Therapist providing private, group and corporate Therapeutic Yoga Instruction, Reiki and a variety of Massage Therapy modalities in Crete, IL and Valparaiso, IN. Whether you are overwhelmed from the stresses of every day living, are feeling exhausted or in pain, or are experiencing compromised health due to stress and anxiety, I can offer a variety of natural ways to transform your stress and guide you toward improved health and deep relaxation. 

During the initial session, we’ll go over intake forms, discuss aspects of your health issue or concern and discuss your goals and how I can be of support.  Together, we will co-create a personalized therapy plan that addresses specific symptoms that are troubling you and identify methods to help you manage those symptoms that may include: mindful movement, breath work, guided relaxation and visualization, mantra, sound therapy, massage therapy or aromatherapy.   Sessions are tailored to your body type, physical ability, energy level and mood.  Whether we integrate one or all of these modalities into your program, I will work with you to help you reach your goals.


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"I recently received an incredible massage from Katie. Not only is the movement and pressure intentional, but the ambiance she provides clientele immediately calms the mind and body. Everything she does, from essential oils to music to communicating with the person on her table, provides for a fabulous and relaxing massage. I came in with an injured SI Joint and shoulder, and came out feeling completely renewed." - Kathleen

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